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How to “Stage” When Selling Your Home

Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Alyssa Rodger

How to “Stage” When Selling Your Home

Buyers these days are growing up with design help from places like HGTV and Pinterest. Through these avenues they have become very style conscious—even on limited budgets. So, when it comes to staging, you want your property to appeal to the masses: neutral and simple over bold and eccentric.  Tip: If a style is more than 10 years old, it is outdated. 

Ficus trees and English ivy.

2018 is all about eco-friendly, healthy, “indoor outdoor” living, and house plants are becoming wildly popular, but those old ficus trees and English ivy pots are only collecting dust and reminding people of their grandma’s house. Alternatives include orchids and succulents, and ficus trees can be replaced with olive and fiddle leaf fig trees.

All oak everything.

While we all love a home that “brings back memories” or provides some sort of sentimental value, unfortunately the oak overload is not making homebuyers remind them of their childhood home in a good way. While we know painting or replacing all the oak in your home may not be in the budget, painting bathroom vanities white or gray, and switching out kitchen hardware can give it just enough of a facelift to bring it out of the 90’s.

Curly ironwork.

Modern, clean lines and geometric patterns are what buyers are looking for these days. Scrolling ironwork, especially in excess, can feel a bit chaotic.

Bold paint colors.

Gone are the days of using bright and bold colors for paint. Colors like dark reds and purples distract from the space itself. It can play tricks on the eyes and make a room look darker or even smaller than it really is. Buyers love to look for “natural light” potential and a lighter color will help brighten up a space. Light colors such as variations of grays, beiges, pastel blues or greens, or even a simple white will neutralize a space and appeal to the masses. If you still love to have your bright and lively colors, bring out your personality with pops of color in your decor.

Faux props. 

With the exception of some faux plants such as succulents or a fiddle leaf fig tree, we recommend getting rid of most of the fake stuff you have in your house.  It usually looks dusty and just not quite right.  Authenticity is always in style.


Nothing screams late 1900’s more than brass fixtures. By simply replacing interior door knobs or other light fixtures and cabinet pulls, you can quickly send your home into the 21st century. While we are starting to see brass trending again on the coasts, these bright gold hues are coming back in softer, matte or brushed finishes. If gold is too bold for you, stick with a more traditional brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

Window treatments.

You don’t need to invest in expensive window treatments to sell a house!  In fact, bare windows bring in more light, are less likely to hold the smells of the previous owners’ pets and smoking habit, and don’t date the room!  Taking down and ditching the faux floral arrangement will help sell a lot faster. Same goes for vertical blinds. Simple panels, wood blinds, and shutters are the only window treatments we’d recommend leaving up. Buyers may decide they want more privacy for actual living, but window treatments are not necessary for staging.

Pro tip: Make sure the windows are clean!!