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Clients for Life

Tuesday, October 16, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

Clients for Life

Here at WSG we have a tagline that says "Earning Clients for Life." We tell everyone we meet that this is a status we want to earn. 

In all the years we’ve been saying this to folks, I’ve never stopped to ask them what it means to them. Maybe to some it means helping with resources when they need them, maybe to others it’s answering questions about value, to even more it’s about helping them buy and sell again, and yet to others it’s helping their friends and family.  

It wasn’t till our WSG client appreciation event this week that I realized that whatever purpose we serve it’s really about keeping our relationship and the bond we’ve created alive. Ironically we had newer clients in the room who want to learn more about us and then there were those that we helped years and years ago. Regardless of the length of status in the WSG client family, it felt like a reunion and it served as a great reminder that real estate is not the heart of what we do, rather it’s the people we serve and collect along the way. Real estate is merely the vehicle to do that. 

I realized I am blessed to be in a position with what we do to serve people and get to build a bond that lasts a lifetime! For this I am the luckiest person in the world! Clients for life!